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Building a skilled and valuable force to further enhance our role in Rwanda/Africa’s development.

"I'm happy because I can share with you, the human power of forgiveness, It is not only my everyday life, but elementary foundation marching toward success"

- Rweru Genocide widow

In October 2018, IMAHKÜS Okofu aka Mama One Africa, traveled to Rwanda for the first time with several friends and repatriates, Sonia & Byron Lye-Fook and Mama Zulu Kahemba Degolo.  They visited the Rweru Reconciliation Village with members of the Rich Hearts organization, whose long-term vision is to promote Peace and Humanity, empower women and youth for self-reliance and be the positive change that Africa so desperately needs.  Arriving on the site, they were impressed to see the harmonious co-existence between genocide victims and perpetrators living together.  Reconciliation has become a reality in Rweru Village. Tutsis who survived the genocide of 1994, who watched their loved ones slaughtered or raped, reconciled with the Hutu perpetrators and have made up a loving family.  Today, they are friends, relatives, and a strong example of man’s ability to forgive and move forward peacefully together.  


However, behind their successful story, what stood out during this visit was the challenging living conditions that the people were experiencing, the need for trade and income generating activities, and the large number of widows, where approximately 61%  of the women are  the heads of  their households, with an average of four (4) dependents per family. 


IMAHKÜS immediately knew, after what she had heard and witnessed that she was being inspired to get involved and assist these women to become better equipped to care for themselves, their families and their communities.


In May 2019, she returned to Rwanda and partnered with Rich Hearts to foster and build a “One Africa - Heart to Heart” relationship and established the Rich Hearts/One Africa partnership, which is the umbrella organization and governing body for the newly created Rweru Women’s Empowerment and Human Values Initiative.


In January 2020, Mama IMAHKÜS, once again, returned to Rwanda after fundraising more than $15,000.00 to acquire manual and electric sewing machines, a Serger machine, tables, fabrics, pattern paper, needles, thread, and other necessary items.  Additionally, an instructor was hired and began training the first ten women.   They also secured and renovated a building for the Training Center.

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