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IMAHKÜS Nzingah Okofu, aka Mama One Africa Project Manager, CEO of One Africa


Mama One Africa holds a Masters’ Degree in Human Resources Administration from Lafayette University.  She has more than fifty (50) years experience in Administration, Labor and Public Relations, Hotel Management, Tourism, Arts and Culture and Philanthropy.  She is also a Cultural Heritage Museum Curator and the Co-Founder of One Africa Health Resort and Restaurant.   She repatriated to Ghana from America, where she has lived for more than thirty (30) years, working and establishing projects for the improvement of her Ghanaian community.  Now, in Rwanda, she continues the same path, by creating opportunities for the empowerment of Rwandan women who are Tutsi genocide survivors desiring to be self-sufficient entrepreneurs.


Dieudonne Nagiruwubuntu Legal Representative of Rich hearts


Dieudonne holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies from Kigali Independent University. Over nine (9) years of experience in managing high level events held mostly at Kigali Genocide Memorial. Successfully coordinates the visits of high-level officials including presidents and kings of various countries such as China, Morocco, Gambia, India, among others. Oversees the coordination of events at Kigali Genocide Memorial including visits planning and facilitations, budget planning, networking, and liaising the institution with both government and non-government institutions, contributes to the strategic planning for the institution and manage the team in charge of customer care and public relations.  Identification of the most vulnerable families to get support for them. Focus is on leadership, hospitality, customer care, event management, entrepreneurship and people management among others. Before joining KGM, was at EBUMAKE in charge of public relations and event management organization.

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NSHUTI Nickita – Finance Officer - Credit Controller

Nickita holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Finance from the University of Lay Adventist of Kigali (UNILAK) and is currently pursuing her Masters’ Degree in Project Management.  She has 2 years-experience as the Accountant and Finance Manager for Rich Hearts, and 3 years-experience as Credit Controller at MTN Rwanda Cell.  She has been the accountant for the collaboration of Rich Hearts/One Africa for approximately 1.5 years.  She is a community activist and detail-oriented person, who meets challenges as they arise.  She is a dedicated advocate for the empowerment of women, community and family.


Andraya Robinson - Committee Head for the Rweru Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative

Andraya has a Bachelor of Science in Human Science from Florida State University. She has spent the past 20 years in Retail Management – the last 10 of which focused specifically in Store Operations. Andraya has a talent for creating clear and direct processes and has shared this talent with companies such as Bloomingdales, Gap Inc., and Janie and Jack. She has a deep passion for helping people make their life easier by creating processes or providing support to help others build a foundation for themselves and their family.


KWIHANGANA Janvier – Logistic and Operation Officer

Janvier has a Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science, with extensive experience in Logistic and Operation Management.  He has held various managerial position including Warehouse Manager at Thomas and Piron Grands Lacs, Logistic Manager at Wolfram Mining and Processing, Ltd, and Yyussa Transport Company, Ltd. He has been serving as Logistic and Operation Officer for Rich Heart/One Africa collaboration since 2019. 


KIMENYI  Hernica Samantha –  Legal Advisor

Hernica is a seasoned Legal Practitioner with a professional background of 8 years in the banking industry.  She specializes in commercial law, contract management, commercial mergers and commercial litigations, especially related to financial matters.  She also has great knowledge in the management of corporate social responsibility matters and corporate governance.  As a Rich Heart member, she has been Rich Heart/ One Africa Legal Advisor since 2019.

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MONDAY Godfrey  Monitoring and Evaluation Officer 

Holds an Advanced Diploma from National University of Rwanda in Education. He served in supervision positions including Head Trainers at AIM Global Rwanda for 4 years. He joined Rich Hearts in 2014.  He has been in charge of the Monitor and Evaluation process for the collaboration of Rich Hearts/One Africa since November 2019. Monday is very passionate about education, community development and service delivery with a professional business acumen.

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NKURUNZIZA Ferdinand – Communication and Media developer Officer 

Holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Journalism from the National University of Rwanda with wide range of experiences in journalism and communication, having joined the industry in 2013.  He has held various positions, including Multimedia Content Producer at Tom Transfer Ltd, Multimedia Content Producer & PRO at Calvary Independent Baptist Missions of Rwanda, and News Editor at Igihe, Ltd. Ferdinand has been serving as Communication Officer for Rweru Women Economic Empowerment Initiative since 2020.

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Myesha Francis - Media Developer and Teaching Consultant

Myesha Francis is a professional artist, teacher, curator and successful arts entrepreneur with work in important public and private collections including The Smithsonian  -National Museum of African American History and Culture. Myesha holds a B.A. in Art History and Studio Art and an M.A. in Museum Studies and has also studied art expertise abroad in Florence, Italy at Lorenzo de Medici Art Institute and surveyed a range of visual artists in West Africa. 

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Helena Bish Alemu - Consultant

Helena Bish Alemu is an Ethiopian-American who is a Certified Women Business and Leadership Coach. She is currently working with the Government of Rwanda supporting skills development in the private sector. In the past, she worked in the United States for UNICEF and UNDP, mainly focusing on women leadership, conflict resolution and youth engagement. She has a B.A. in Political Science from Addis Ababa University, M.A. in Rural Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies, Addis Ababa, and M.A. in Conflict Resolution from European Peace University, Vienna.


“For Tutsis who survived the Rwanda genocide or watched as their loved ones were slaughtered or raped, reconciling with the Hutu attackers once seemed unimaginable”.  But today where victims and perpetrators are living together. It is a reality. “Unless there is forgiveness, we cannot move forward,” said an elder survivor.

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