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Rweru Class


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Building a skilled and valuable force to further enhance our role in Rwanda/Africa’s development.

The lives you impact today has a powerful rippling affect on every tomorrow.

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The Faces of 

Having endured profound grief and loss due to the 1994 Tutsi Genocide, the women come prepared to stitch together a better life for their families. Together, they move forward in a spirit forgiveness, hope and development to learn skills that would enable them to become entrepreneurs and rebuild strong communities and cultural ties.imahkus


In Africa and other parts of the world, women empowerment projects have resulted in the creation of hundreds of jobs and significant increases in income for women. These successes have given many women their first jobs and the unprecedented ability to add to and often be the only source of family income. Despite this progress, there is tremendous chances to create additional opportunities for sustainable economic and entrepreneurial opportunities for women in Rwanda.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create an organization that promotes the growth and elevation of women, through sustainable economic empowerment of themselves, their families, and their communities. This will enable the creation and sustainability of a cooperative environment that includes women, men, and children as part of a community for future growth and development. 

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to foster and support a community where all are empowered to work together towards a sustainable environment based on human values of forgiveness, unity, peace, and love.



"I'm happy because I can share with you, the human power of forgiveness, It is not only my everyday life, but elementary foundation marching toward success"

- Rweru Genocide widow

Check Out our Project Launch Video

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Building Project

Due to the success of Phase One of our program, we have outgrown the one room facility our women were initially trained in.  We previously raised enough funds to purchase land to build a permanent, fully operational institute, that will serve as the future Training, Agricultural and Childcare Center.  We are now asking for your assistance to raise additional funds to make our facility a reality.   We kindly seek donations of any amount to help fund the construction of our new learning center.


 In unity all things are possible! 

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